Well, it is now 59 days since we started to self-isolate/shield and start working from home and I have to say, we are quite enjoying it. I have moments of going stir crazy - I really miss my swimming and meeting up with my friends and James is definitely missing his beloved Stockport County Football Club.....but there are some positives. We have, for example, been able to spend time with our pets - we have four cats. I find the innocence and cuteness of animals very calming and I have really enjoyed spending more time with them. I think they are a little fed up of me though......they are torn between liking me here to attend to every whim, but I think would like for me to go away for a few hours every day to give them some peace. I had forgotten how demanding cats can be though.....they, and we, have definitely put on weight! You may recall that I found our 4th cat - a little black and white kitten in Manchester city centre back in September.....well, here she is now, we think about 10 months old and loving her (safely fenced in) garden. 

Another positive about working from home is that we have had more time in the day to think about and evaluate our business. We have been selling the birthstone jewellery for a couple of years now and it is very popular for people to buy as gifts - with the family birthstones on. A few of our customers have said to us that it would have been nice to have had a card or something to say what the stones represent....what a brilliant idea....So, all our birthstone jewellery now comes presented on a special card with all the stones and months.

We have also uploaded lots of brand new products onto both our website and Etsy & NotOnTheHighStreet. We have some gorgeous summery trinkets with a strong 'ocean-inspired' theme - such as starfish earrings & bracelets, stingray bracelets, sea life anklets and much more

Sterling Silver Starfish Earrings