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  • The Perfect Weekend In

    'Love' bracelets 

    Well, it's Monday eve again......it just seems to come around quicker every week. Anyway, I have had a lovely weekend. I haven't done anything special, in fact apart from going out for lunch with my Dad yesterday I haven't even been out! I have spent the weekend at home with my animals just relaxing, creating and generally taking it easy. I had a gorgeous parcel of new beads and...
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  • Snowy Friday


    Well, it has been a snowy couple of days here in Manchester. My cats have ventured outside for the first time this morning.....and it is the first time they have seen the snow. Poppy refused to come any further than the back door and watched the other two from there. Maisie got a bit of a shock when she first dipped her paw into the snow and refused to walk in it, opting instead to walk...
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