Well, it's another beautiful day here in Manchester. It has been particularly lovely all weekend. On Saturday we visited the lovely Arley Hall for the Garden Festival. I couldn't resist buying some (more) poppies for my garden which we planted on Saturday evening when we got home. There were some wonderful stalls at the show and we even had a quick whizz around the crafts marquee which was pretty crowded so we didn't manage to get much of a look. All in all we were very impressed......one for the list next year I think.

Yesterday morning was spent in the garden with my cats and my camera. I only intended to pop out for a morning coffee on my bench, but before I knew it, it was lunchtime! I am only really learning how to use my camera. It was a birthday present a few years ago and to be honest it is far too complicated for me, I don't really understand how to use it properly at all and most of my photos have been cats or jewellery! I decided to have a go at flowers and here are some of the results.

 I had to take quite a lot of photos of the bee and the poppy, it was really hard to catch the bee without getting him out of focus.

The little ladybird was really cute. I had to save him from Maisie (my tortoiseshell tabby). I saw her intensely interested in something and before I realised what was going on she was whacking the poor little creature with her paw. I managed to save him and set him
free.  I do wish cats wouldn't hurt the wildlife! I suppose it is their nature but I really don't like it. My three cats all have little bells on their collars and are only allowed out under supervision - we live next to a really busy road and I am worried about one of them getting run over. So far they have stayed in the garden, thank goodness.
 One thing I haven't done much of lately is make jewellery! I have just found out that we have been accepted to do the ICHF fairs at Stonor Park and Penshurst Place this August and September! I have been waiting years to get in to do these fairs and finally they have had a cancellation and I have a place! I am literally bursting with excitement. I have heard such wonderful things about these fairs and I cannot wait to take part. I am doing three more fairs with them later in the year, the Christmas ones, so I need to get busy making stock. I have loads of ideas for nature and animal related themes (one of the reasons I was out with my camera yesterday) so I need to get busy bringing my ideas to life.

I suppose on that note I should get on with some work! I will leave you with some more garden photos and some pictures of my latest creations and pop by Handmade Monday.....then get on with some creating!

Blue flower bracelet with matching earrings

Little bird necklace

Squirrel earrings

Dexter in the garden.

Maisie in the shade.

Poppy on the prowl. 

More poppies!