.......Aaaaaand We're Back........

Good afternoon and hope everyone had a fantastic Easter?

We have been super busy the last week or so since returning from our Easter break. We had a fantastic fortnight cruising the Western Caribbean with Marella Cruises. We flew out to Jamaica and then visited Grand Cayman, Cuba, Mexico, Hondurus, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico again and back to Jamaica. Of course, it has taken us a week to catch up on all the stuff that built up whilst we were away.....orders (thank you so much to those of you who were so patient and happy to wait for your orders), VAT return (grrrrr) and all the other behind-the-scenes stuff that I won't bore you with. Totally worth it though, we had an absolutely amazing time and am now back, re energised and ready for the summer!

As you have probably guessed, travelling is one of our many interests and passions. I love experiencing different places, cultures, and of course, the food. I find that I am always super refreshed and revitalised after a holiday - especially if I have been to the sea/beach. Maybe it's a Greek thing, but I feel most at home, relaxed and happy by the sea. I have lots of new designs and pieces to list in the Etsy shop and on our PoppyK website over the next few weeks. Most of which are travel, summer and sea-inspired/themed. 

Here are two of our latest products (I am wearing the bracelet version myself as I type this) : sterling silver map necklace and bracelet. These are perfect for travel lovers, geographers, students and as graduation or leaving gifts. As always, in the Etsy shop, these can be personalised with hand stamped initials and charms.  Check them out here and here. Hope you like them?

Anyway, I best get on....it is my swimming club night tonight - another one of my loves and passions....and I have all those Caribbean cocktails to work off.......

Have a great week, lots of love
Poppy x